Leo Women And Dieting

Let The Sunshine Into Your Life

Leo is such a beautiful and strong astrological sign. It’s associations include The Sun as it’s ruling planet, the astrological 5th house of love, romance, creativity and parenting, and of course, the proud Lion as its corresponding animal.

As a Leo woman you should love all things that get you into the limelight – or sunlight if you prefer – because Leos are the world’s natural born actors and are very much at home being front and center in any situation.

More About Leo Women And Dieting

Your sign is one of the three Fire signs and is also a Fixed sign – meaning that you prefer to have things stay they way that they are and not change very often.

As a Fire sign you will enjoy crisp-cooked foods such as crunchy bacon, breads with a harder crust and foods in general that “snap” much like the fire burning in a fireplace.

Some of your best food choices will be yellow foods, as Leo’s color is yellow that runs to gold, and also fruits and vegetables that are at their peak from the end of July through the end of August.

You should keep your food preparations quick and easy instead of spending hours in the kitchen. You need to get out into the sunshine and furthermore don’t want to spend a great deal of time washing dishes and cleaning countertops.

Leo women are very proud of their appearance and the appearance of all things around them. A Leo woman thinks much like the lioness who dotes over her home and her children – but still finds time to be very picky about how she keeps herself as well.

Therefore you should choose fruit and veggies such as Summer squash of all kinds, watermelon, berries, tomatoes and corn. For proteins your options include beef, lamb, buffalo, elk and deer. You may also like fish but if it’s not top on your go-to foods list I wouldn’t be in the least surprised. The lion hunts on the open range a lot more often than he does in lakes and rivers.

Portion Control For The Leo Woman     

You might well be the last woman on Earth to want to “pig out” in public. Appearances mean a lot to you and your pride would not allow you to do anything that might make you look less than attractive – especially in your own eyes.

Keep your portions smaller and eat more often. You’re a Fire sign and that means you need a constant flow of energy to keep up with your above-average activity list.

Leo Women And Restaurant Dining

If it’s one thing the Leo woman loves – it’s dining out in the most elegant style. You should strive to do this as much as you possibly can as you will always be very comfortable in a stylish and costly place – and that actually goes for everywhere you are.

When dining out, be sure to include at least one of the most expensive items on the menu as it will make you feel quite proud to indulge in it.

Stay away from anything messy when you’re in public as well. A whole lobster may be delicious but you as a Leo woman will not be happy at all when you see the mess it can make. Besides your astrological diet should include more meat than fish so you’d be much happier all the way around with the filet mignon.

Go to trendy restaurants, especially those that few people manage to either afford or reserve a table in. With your ability to create things you’ll find a way to convince someone influential enough to get you on the A List and wow, what a proud moment it will be to walk in and be seated at a choice table!

Weight Management For Leo Women

Your body may be somewhat top-heavy or Apple Shaped. In this case you need to be most concerned with tummy fat, and the possibility of carrying excess weight in your arms, back and chest.

Heart health is of special importance to the Leo woman and so you should be sure that you are including foods such as asparagus and almonds in your diet daily or at least five times per week.

Your diet may naturally be rich in protein and possibly deficient in fruit and vegetables. That is something you should pay close attention to as keeping your system working normally will play a big role in maintaining a trimmer waistline.

Fat content in your food is also something you need to keep a watchful eye on and you need to be sure to select lean cuts of meat.

With regard to sodium you may not have a big concern with water retention, but, if your love of proteins includes lunch meats then you do need to opt for lower sodium varieties to be on the safe side.

Since you love to be the center of attention, joining a group weight management team or club might be right for you. Just be sure that if this means weekly weigh-ins for the whole group at once, that you don’t make yourself feel embarrassed by gaining an unwanted amount of weight. If you feel awkward or self-conscious even once, you may not be one to shrug it off with a joke, and never go back.

Overall Leo women are some of the happiest and most loving people you’ll find anywhere. My mother is a Leo and I can tell you stories about how fiercely independent she is – even now at age 98.

More than likely your problem is that you may not be eating enough fruits and vegetables, as I mentioned before. Once you make that easy correction you should not have any trouble keeping your body looking and feeling great.

Nancy Welker holds a degree in Fitness & Nutrition, 6 Fitness/Nutrition Certifications and a diploma in Cosmetology & Esthetics.  Learn more about her popular Look Great For Life ebook series!


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  1. cheryl says:

    So true about the sauces and loving things that look rich. It’s right on target for this Libra!


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