Leo Women And Fitness

You Are A True Performer

Leo women love to be at the center of attention and that definitely comes into the picture when talking about how to stay active and enjoy what you’re doing.

Finding ways to shine your brightest is the best way for the Leo woman to get into great shape and stay in great shape.

More About Leo Women And Fitness

As a woman who loves the art of dance I have to say that although I recommend it for everyone – I doubly recommend it for the Leo woman.

Your animal correspondent is the lion, and there isn’t a creature on Earth more graceful than a cat. You should also find that you have lots of stamina and no trouble at all learning what the others in class are doing and, here’s the best part for you, even making up some new and exciting steps yourself.

The sign of Leo rules the 5th house in astrology and that’s associated with love, romance, creativity and parenting. With dance you can find ways to bring all of those things into your exercise routine.

For love and romance it’s easy to find classes in Latin and Ballroom dance that will appeal to you and your partner. It’s also a great place for Leos to find a partner – just as a side tip.

Creativity is easily expressed once you learn the basic steps of any type of dance you choose. It’s fun to make up new steps and turns and indeed put your own spin on that particular dance style.

Parenting is also quite easy to incorporate with dancing as you can actually take classes in the same studio that your child attends and/or find video instruction for fun dance moves you can learn at home.

Shining Like The Sun    

For the most part Leos have no trouble keeping things steady in their lives. As a fixed sign you tend to stay with something rather than walk away – even if the going gets tough.

What you need for motivation though is a good dose of recognition and rewards for your efforts. This can come in the form of praise from others around you, new dance or other exercise clothing or equipment, or being rewarded in other ways such as moving up to a more difficult class or perhaps performing a solo.

Keep The Sun Visible At All Times

You should find pictures, charms, paperweights and other items that have the image of The Sun on them. This is your planet and since it’s such a powerful and magnetic one, it has the capability of making you feel like you’re out in the sunshine even when you’re indoors.

Other ways to keep The Sun in your life is to wear yellow and gold as much as you can. Highlighting your hair with a golden blonde tone should look very good on you and make you feel energized.

Leo Cautions

Two things that Leo women may have problems with are the back area, and also the heart. You should make time for taking excellent care of both of those areas of the body to avoid pain and down time from illness.

Yoga practiced five minutes per day does lengthen and strengthen the spinal cord and helps your body release any tension. This can act as a preventative measure when it comes to back trouble.

Heart health is improved by making sure that if you dance, or whatever you choose to do as an activity, you make it at least four to five times per week, for an hour or more each time. Additionally, you need to make sure that you begin slowly and increase only as much as you comfortably can.

Nancy Welker holds a degree in Fitness & Nutrition, 6 Fitness/Nutrition Certifications and a diploma in Cosmetology & Esthetics.  Learn more about her popular Look Great For Life ebook series!


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  1. erin says:

    As Leo woman, this totally hits home for me. I love what you say about yoga, and my back is my weakness. I remember hearing that many Leo women have big boobs — but I’m not of them LOL!!


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