Mercury in Virgo

Welcome home! 

That’s what Mercury is hearing when it enters one of its home signs, Virgo, and when this happens there’s lots of reasons to celebrate.

Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is The Messenger, and is a planet that brings masculine qualities of intelligence, mental strength, confidence and leadership.

Mercury rules two astrological houses – the 3rd and the 6th.  Both of those placements mean that business, communication and how we function on a day-to-day basis are highlighted and working well.  Note that the number 3 itself relates to communication, and any multiple of 3 automatically brings all of our words, thoughts and plans into the fore.  (This does also include the 9th house, which opens up communication to a global level)

Associated with Mercury – 






Public Speaking




Television/Movie Production


About Mercury in Virgo     

Mercury as an element is full of movement and rather jumpy.  Think of the word “mercurial” and you’ll get an idea of the kinetic energy that belongs to Mercury. Those of us, such as myself, with a lot of Mercury-ruled signs in their chart, i.e. Gemini and Virgo, possess a natural need to converse and write on a daily basis (more so than those who do not have these placements in their natal charts), and are also at their happiest when moving around from place to place.  Sitting still and staying silent can seem like torture!

When Mercury is in Virgo, it takes on the qualities of that sign and becomes more analytical, productive, and tends to go over the facts several times before making any final decisions.  This is an excellent placement for Mercury as Virgo tends to tame the oftentimes crazy-busy thinking that can plague us when that planet is in other signs – such as Sagittarius, Aries or Gemini.

Using Mercury in Virgo 

We should allow the time for do-overs and the space for spreading out lots of paperwork, as Virgo loves to dive into research head first.  This is an ideal time to sort out and organize paperwork, especially the things you use every day, and make your life run more smoothly and more efficiently.

Productivity will be high with Mercury in Virgo, as Virgo is an Earth sign and so loves to see 3D results – and not be stuck in the conceptual or planning stages for long periods of time.

Virgo is a sign that brings service to others of special importance, and so using Mercury in Virgo for that purpose would include organizing fundraisers and making television and radio commercials for that purpose as well.

My CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series characters use both Tarot and Astrology for guidance.  


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