Weekly One Card Reading July 30 to August 6 2017

The Lovers Major Arcana Card VI

Pulling one of the Major Arcana cards the first week I start publishing weekly readings is a great sign!  The Lovers is one of my two favorite Tarot Cards in the entire deck, and so I’m happy to tell all of you that this week is one that has the potential to be full of passion, fire and amazing harmony between you and an equally interested other.


About The Lovers Tarot Card 

Assigned the number VI, the first of lots of great news about The Lovers is that it is a card of balance and feeling that you are indeed getting back the love that you give.

You should be feeling very motivated to do all the small and incredibly beautiful things for that special someone in your life. Many of them will be gifts that are completely unexpected and hit the mark when it comes to making someone happy.

Love is surely in the air, as The Lovers relates to Air Signs in Astrology, namely Libra. No, I don’t go the  Gemini route here.  No apologies because I have always felt Libra and that Libra is the perfect fit for many reasons.  First, Libra is ruled by Venus and that automatically makes a person think of love. Second, Libra is represented by The Scales, meaning that decisions are in the wind and that some of them may not be easy to make.  Third, but not last by any means, is that Libra is an air sign as well, and I do feel that The Lovers brings in a light and airy quality that makes people feel good.

Spiritual Messages for July 30 to August 6 2017    

It’s possible that during this time period you will become involved with an Air Sign, with Libra first and Gemini and Aquarius second.  Remember that the Air Sign could be Sun, Moon, Rising or Venus in that person’s natal chart.

If you’re in a relationship you should place special importance on it this week.  Take time off from work as much as you can and spend time together.

If you’re not in a relationship this week could change that for you.  Someone you have overlooked for months or even years could suddenly appear very attractive.  This is the week to go for it and not hold back.

Should you be in a spot over making a decision between more than one love interest, this is the perfect time to sit down, make a list if you must, and decide which one is the best match.

As an alternative to making a “forever” choice, this is also the week to simply sit back and enjoy the ride when it comes to love.  The Lovers has such a sweet, fun, airy quality to it that you may just be best to live in the now and not worry about serious decisions about the future.  That time will come later.

Take very, very good care of yourself as well, keeping in mind that you will be a more attractive lover all the way around when you look your best, and show up with a great attitude.

Most of all – laugh and be glad to have such a happy atmosphere as what The Lovers card brings!

Tarot and Astrology become important to the characters in my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series, beginning with book #2.  


The Lovers from The Arcana Playing Cards Deck, which I personally own.





5 Comments Add yours

  1. Christina says:

    Thank you soooo much! I needed to see this card today and I’m so happy that it’ll be with me all week. I feel so much lighter and more positive about what’s going on! XOXO


  2. chella says:

    THANK YOU!!!!


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