Knight Of Swords

Knight Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Seeing this card in a reading usually means that there is a tendency for verbal battles, lashing out at others and having zero tolerance when it comes to someone else’s slower production speed, or worse, lack of integrity.

The Knight Of Swords is a word-warrior extraordinaire and he never suffers fools gladly. In fact, in the extreme he will point out all their flaws in a heartbeat and does not care who is around to witness the person’s humiliation.

Lack of emotional connection is also associated with this knight, true, but he does have a flair for getting to the bottom of the issues and his cool nature allows him to be a very logical judge.


Knights In Tarot

Throughout history the knight was a trusted aid to kings and queens. When a very important task was at hand, such as delivering secret messages or plotting to overthrow another monarch, the knight was usually chosen as the man for the job.

Action comes with any knight pulled, and with the Knight Of Swords there’s a good chance that toothy messages can arrive or be sent – since he relates to communication of all kinds.

The good news about the Knight Of Swords is that he’s an accurate kind of person, and has the intelligence to figure things out in quick order. Facts come second nature to him and when he shows up at a debate he comes with all the ammo he needs to win.

Spiritual Messages  

You need to take advantage of the Knight Of Swords energy around you and do all the homework you need to do to gain an advantage over anyone who may be in competition with you.

Since the swords correspond to communication, the Internet is automatically included in any type of conflict that may come your way.

If your website isn’t loading properly, or your blog goes down, or you lose power and can’t get online at all, try to keep your cool and use today’s keen mental abilities to get to the bottom of the problem and solve it.

There’s a possibility that you may be confronted by someone else, and that that person feels he/she has a true and worthy cause or that you are definitely in the wrong. Probably both. As you would with a dog that is cornered and growling at you, you need to back up slowly and not engage in a fight you may not be able to win.

Keep your cool by meditating when you see this card in a tarot reading.  Also, getting in a good run or doing something productive such as cleaning up your word processor files, or gathering information for your next blog post.

This is not the time to get into a battle. The Knight Of Swords brings words that cut as deeply as a real sword can and those wounds could be the type that never really heal.

Tarot and Astrology become important to the characters in my  CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Story, beginning with book #2 and continuing throughout the rest of the series.  


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