Last Day Of The Month Clean Up And Clean Out

It’s a great day! 

By the time we reach the 30th or the 31st of our current month, I usually feel like the next month has already started.  And I have found that in those last couple of days, it’s a great time to clean up your home, office, car, etc., and clean out what you don’t want or need.

Especially right now, at the time of this post, the planets are favorable for doing this as Mercury has found his way into one of his home bases – Virgo.  And if you’ve got Virgo in your chart like I do, you know that there’s few things in this world Virgos enjoy more than de-cluttering and re-organizing.

But even if you hate either one or both of those chores, the odds are you’ll love the end result.  Our world at large functions much better when we increase productivity at the beginning level.  This paves the way for future success, future growth and makes a happy to exist in an environment that’s both more attractive and more functional.  It’s one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself.

Mercury can always help us clean up and clean out.  

Mercury is the planet of communication, intelligence, travel and learning, is both airy and earthy, and so it is where I always look to see how/what/where/when to get better organized.  Air signs love to plan and often juggle several projects at once.  Earth signs love 3D results and the success that brings, along with a comfortable and aesthetically appealing environment.  Put the two together, as Mercury does with its ruling planets, and you’ve got a win-win clean up and clean out situation.

Mercury in Virgo is a huge help, but, it won’t be there forever, and there will be other months ahead that see Mercury moving into the rest of the Zodiac signs. So it’s an ideal time right now, yes, however, every sign has its pluses when it comes to putting things in order.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of Mercury in each sign:


Military by nature, Aries  loves structure and routine.  Keep to your to-do list by making sure that it’s realistic.  This will allow you to meet your daily goals.  You’ll love how that feels when Mercury is in Aries.


Make it beautiful!  Ruled by Venus, Taureans naturally love luxury and so you should add high-end touches to your work and living spaces – or great-looking knockoffs.


Ruled by Mercury, Geminis are never happier than when they have two or more projects going full speed ahead.  Keep that in mind and allow space to organize each project separately so that this can be done more easily.


Home and family rule with Cancers, so this is the perfect time to get your closets,  kitchen, laundry room, garage, and attic cleaned out, and organized with pretty labelled containers your kids will also love.  Also a great time to get your kids’ activities and school schedules written out on a chalkboard.


Bring lots of sunshine into your work and home.  Get rid of heavy drapery and switch to shutters or blinds that give you the look and privacy you want, but also allow a good dose of natural light.   Use yellow and/or gold as a color scheme and  use sun-shaped paperweights, bookends and other ornamental objects to decorate.


Getting down to the finer details will be so easy with Mercury in Virgo.  Do all the little things that make your work and home more functional.  Clean out cabinets that are easily accessible and use them for spare lightbulbs, batteries, extension cords, and other necessary items that we don’t need every day – but are important to get to quickly when we do.


Leave plenty of writing materials around, as Libras do enjoy to jot things down.  Include chalk or dry-erase boards as much as you can.  Go to your local hobby store and find attractive cork boards that you can use with (equally attractive) pins to hang up notes and pictures.  Libras tend to forget easily – so definitely include space for reminders.


Be flexible about your organization tools.  Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and if something doesn’t work out the tendency will be to get rid of it fast.  Do your homework before paying out your money, and save yourself time going back and forth with returned items by taking special note of consumer feedback.


Party time is all the time with Sagittarius.  So, be sure that everything you need to do in the way of work and other obligations is accomplished as fast as possible. Take a minimalistic approach to your office/home and you’ll be able to get through what’s necessary in order for you to get out and have fun.


Mercury in Capricorn is a great placement for work of any kind.  Find the best deals on everything you buy, and don’t spend a penny more than you must.  Lowering expenses is one way to increase profits.  Perfect for Cap energy.


Think bold.  Think uber-trendy.  Think way, way, outside the box when it comes to storage, accessories and the appearance of your work/home space.  Lots of shiny, metallic objects are a good idea.  As are industrial pieces that you makeover for everyday use.


Use lots of water here.  A sweet goldfish bowl at your desk is an excellent idea.  In fact, pictures of fish, fish-shaped decor items and organizers will make Pisces smile and not mind (as much) that it’s time to get to that huge stack of paperwork.

Nancy is the author of two popular ebooks series –  fitness/beauty series “Look Great For Life”  and a dramatic paranormal romance series, “CounterClockwise”.  She brings both Astrology and Tarot into her writing.  


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nina says:

    Excellent! I clicked print and pinned it to my bulletin board. I think I’ll laminate it. Or frame it. I definitely need to stay organized!


  2. Lucille says:

    You must’ve read my mind! I was tearing through drawers, closets and cabinets last weekend. Right before the 1st of August. It really was the perfect time. I feel good about where everything is and I can actually lay hands on what I need. Go figure?!


  3. Yolanda says:

    I read this and thought I would not be doing this. I was so wrong! I’m really into it now. It’s like it’s a growing thing in my life. I’m organized and getting better about it every day. Yea, I’ll do a clean out every month. It’s the only way to stay up with it. Love you, girl!!


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