Sun Mars Conjunction In Leo

Super Charged Energy! 

Conjunctions are amazing things.  They put together the power of two planets in the most beneficial and harmonious way.  In Astrology, you simply don’t see anything sweeter than a conjunction in the sky – or better yet, in your natal chart.

With a conjunction happening between the Sun and the planet Mars you get “the good” all the way around.  The Sun rules Leo, a Fire Sign.  Mars rules Aries, also a Fire Sign.  Both planets bring in Fire energy by nature, and, when they happen to be in a Fire sign such as Leo – you really get the “wow factor” going on.

Leo Brings Love And More 

Ruling the 5th house of love, romance, marriage and children, Leo is also the sign of putting your best foot forward and stepping out into that limelight.  Or sunlight, more appropriately put.

There’s a strong sense of creativity here with Leo, so seeing planets such as The Sun (its ruling planet), and Mars (sex and passion) put together means there will be no shortage of deep feelings, powerful physical attraction, and of course, in case you may want this to happen, baby-making.  Sweet.

Wedding bells will sound for many out there, and, if you’re thinking about walking down the aisle, waiting to see a Sun-Mars Conjunction in Leo is the ideal time.  You’ll feel very, very motivated to have a gorgeous event, probably spend a bit more money than you planned (or a lot, so be careful), and you could hear some of the best, funniest, most heartwarming speeches from your loved ones at the reception.

Sun Mars Conjunction For Business   

Make that demo reel, or make it over, if you’re an actor who is struggling.  This is the perfect time. You’ll shine like a new penny and find that somehow everything you say and do magically falls right into place as soon as you step in front of that camera.

For any business that you’re in, it’s time to step in any way that you can.  Ask for that raise, or better yet, ask for that promotion.  Think bigger than you have in the past.

Video your job interviews and send them off.  Be confident and talk about you, what you know, and how you can fill that job like no one else can.

Start construction/renovation projects during this conjunction.  You’ll have the energy to see it through, the eye for creative and unique touches, and take charge as never before.

Making Sun Mars Conjunction In Leo Work Even More

  • Wear yellow and gold as much as possible.
  • Get out into the sun every chance you get during this conjunction.  If it’s in your natal chart, you should do this on a regular basis.
  • It’s a great time for self-improvement, both on the inside and the outside. Buy new clothes. Go the spa.  Get that cosmetic procedure done.  Put highlights in your hair.
  • Start any creative project you’ve wanted to do, but may have been afraid to do before.  If you felt insecure or were in fear of rejection or criticism, this is the perfect time to ditch all that negative stuff and put the pedal to the metal.  Go get jets!

Both Astrology and Tarot readings become important to the characters in my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series, beginning with book #2.  






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  1. cheryl says:

    I was not clear on what a conjunction meant, so thank you for explaining it. This sounds like a fantastic position to have in my natal chart. Do you have any suggestions about where I can get one? Thanks, hon!!


    1. Nancy Welker says:

      Hi Cheryl! You were one of the first to join me her on WordPress and I am so happy to see you are still here! Yes, there are places where you can get a free natal chart. One is There are others as well. Just search for free astrology natal chart and you’ll get some other options. New sites open all the time so there could be a great one I don’t know about. You’ll need your date of birth, city/country where you were born, and the time. That info will make it the most accurate. Big hugs to you!


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