Mercury Retrograde

About a Mercury Retrograde Cycle

This is one of the most talked events in Astrology, as Mercury is the ruler of communication and travel, so ruling two of the most important aspects of life.  There are a lot of incorrect assumptions made about Mercury Retrograde and in this blog post I’d like to give you a better idea of what to expect.  Remember that no planet actually moves “backwards” in the sky. This aspect is more about changes in the tracking of a planet than its actual physical movement.

Most planets, except the Sun, Moon, and North and South Nodes, go through what are known as retrograde and direct cycles.  These cycles impact how that particular planet can be used to our benefit.  You should note here that I’m not saying how the planets “affects” us, because our lives belong to us alone, but instead I’m saying how the planets “benefit” us.

Mercury is one of the faster moving planets, and so it’s movements in the sky are much looked at and talked about in Astrology circles.  Also called, “The Messenger”, Mercury rules how we communicate, think, learn, plan, and how easily and quickly we travel about on a day to day basis.  Put all of these together and you’ve got a huge percentage of our lives ruled by one planet – and so it’s a smart idea to know where Mercury is placed in your Natal Chart, and, keep an eye on what it’s doing in the sky.


Benefits of a Mercury Retrograde 

First, there is a period that begins weeks before the actual retrograde happens.  In what is known as the shadow, or on the front end it’s also called the pre-shadow period, things are likely to get a bit jumpy with regard to communication and all the other areas of life affected by Mercury that I mentioned above.

When I say “jumpy” I mean that there can be yo-yo style swings between tons of response and questions coming to you, and then just as unexpectedly, all goes quiet.  There’s no need to automatically believe that if communication is rapid or moving at a snail’s pace it’s going to be a problem.  Not at all.  In fact, with Mercury Retrograde you may find that somehow you’re presented with a second chance to get something right – perhaps even more chances than that.  And that the speed at which things happen can be to your advantage.

How this affects your life personally will depend on where Mercury is placed in your Natal Chart, however, there are some things that apply globally.  The internet is the biggest example of how Mercury Retrograde can affect the entire planet, with, once again, the possibility of mail and messages coming at you in a flood, to waiting for days or weeks to get a single response.  I’d like to stress again that the speed can be to your advantage and that you should keep that in mind.

How to use Mercury Retrograde     

If you know Astrology, you will probably expect me to tell you not to sign contracts, purchase an automobile, computer, or an electronic device.  It’s also not supposed to be a good time to travel or to make travel plans. But, I’m really not going to do that because you will no doubt read that elsewhere.

Instead, I’m  going to tell you that you can and should do all of the above as life is way to precious to be put on hold.  Just think about how many times per year Mercury can go retrograde, and that can be three or even more, and you’ll see what I mean about not pushing the pause-button every time Mercury changes direction.

Tips to succeed during Mercury Retrograde

  • Welcome Mercury Retrograde.  You will be getting the chance for do-overs in your life, especially when it comes to anything you say, sign and plan.  Stay positive and don’t listen to anyone who tells you this is a “bad time” for anything.  It is not.
  • During retrograde movement of Mercury, you need to take advantage of the time available to you for signing any legal contracts.  If you have 48 hours or whatever the time frame is, be sure to use that to the fullest.  Make inquiries if you need to, do some leg work, whatever is required for you to double-check the facts stated in that contract, and ascertain that whatever is promised to you looks like it will be done.
  • Employment contracts, or resumes, also should be well-thought out and proofread before you make a final decision.  If you’re in a position to be looking at multiple employment offers, or multiple prospective clients, once again do some fact-checking to be sure of what is stated on paper.
  • This is the ideal time to get out that manuscript you started months or years ago and breathe new life into it before you finish it.
  • It’s a terrific time to go back to places you have not been to in years. Planning reunions is ideal under a Mercury Retrograde, as are second honeymoons.
  • Go back to school and finish that degree program, diploma or certification. Taking refresher courses is another way to use Mercury Retrograde to your advantage when it comes to education.
  • Languages you have not spoken since childhood or studied in years can also be returned to more easily under Mercury Retrograde.
  • Upgrading electronic equipment, especially if you’re looking to go back to a brand you used to use, is a good idea.
  • Trading in your old car, boat, motorcycle or bicycle is a good thing to do during Mercury Retrograde.  The idea is to “go back” to what you once had, so if you were previously a Harley owner and now own a Kawaski, going back to Harley could be beneficial.


Keep in mind that Mercury Retrograde happens for a reason, and that like every other aspect of Astrology – “It compels but does not impel – what you make of your life is largely up to you!” 

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  1. chella says:

    I used to go nuts before any retrograde. Now I’m wiser. Love what you say here it makes perfect sense!


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