Two Of Wands

Two Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Seeing a two in a Tarot reading points to partnerships/relationships of many different kinds. This blending can also be applied to two things instead of two people.

Wands correspond to fire signs in astrology and are therefore very energetic in nature and bring surprises with them that can be fun and beneficial.

With the Two Of Wands there is a need for keeping away from power struggles with others or between two things such as work projects.

Your emphasis should be on spending an equal amount of time listening and talking and suppressing the tendency to have to have the last word or have your idea carry more weight than anyone else’s idea.


Relationships And The Number Two   

When we think of the number two we automatically envision couples and for those of you who are in a special relationship – or are about to enter one – you should see some excitement today.

Both mental and physical attraction is high when we see the Two Of Wands and the person you have in your life right now may well be the perfect match for you – providing that one of you doesn’t feel the need to be boss.

Business And Money

Two Of Wands can also mean a business relationship that is either fresh and brand new or has taken on a new aspect of some kind. Moving forward on projects you have been itching to see underway fall under this heading.

In astrology the number two relates to the second house of personal income, possessions and everything you value – including your own ability and business-worth.

Adding the Tarot Suit Of Wands to the mix adds aspects of pride, confidence, leadership and enough energy to tackle most any job.

Health And Wellness

When you see the Two Of Wands in a reading, should have a lot of energy and could be on your way to seeing great progress toward something very new in your life – most likely a relationship.

Keep in mind that relationships can be romantic, but they can also be based on friendship as well. It’s possible that your health can be impacted by a dynamic individual who gets you to join a couples only dance class, or other activity.

This is a very positive energy , so make full use of it by watching out for someone who can join with you in some important way. Stay levelheaded throughout the excitement and remember that harmony should rule the day.

The characters in my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series use both Tarot and Astrology for guidance…


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  1. Nina says:

    I always find something fresh to learn here. You give me a new perspective on the tarot.


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