Natal Venus In Gemini

Venus In Gemini

I have received so much positive feedback about my past astrology posts, that it’s inspired me to continue writing and getting into more detail.  Especially about natal charts.

Venus is the planet that rules love, money and beauty, and is of special importance to women as Venus carries such a feminine energy.   If you have your Natal Venus in  Gemini, the descriptions below should ring true for you with regard to all three of the categories I just mentioned.

About The Sign Of Gemini

Ruling planet – Mercury, which is masculine (or Yang) and is the planet of communication

House – 3rd House, which covers communication, local travel, business matters and contracts, and siblings

Type of sign – Mutable, meaning that Gemini is flexible and easily adapts. Change is easy for you, in fact, you live for it.

Element – Air, which is always moving

Characteristics – Strong communication skills, including acting, singing and public speaking. Fine motor skills are also very strong, as is the ability to learn unusually fast.

Body Rulerships – Throat, voice box, tongue, hands and fingers. Also hearing and speech are included.

Symbol – The Twins

What Venus In Gemini Means  


Gemini is a bright, active and super-curious sign that loves to talk, explore and learn. There’s a big need for action with this sign, and when Venus is in Gemini there is the possibility of boredom becoming a bit of a problem.

Boredom, by Gemini’s standards, happens rather unexpectedly and is something that you need to watch out for in order to avoid being that one that “always complains”.  That bored feeling can rapidly lead to restlessness and annoyance that could put a damper on an otherwise very happy occasion – such as a first date, which you really, really love.

One of the huge pluses of Venus moving into Gemini is that communication of all kinds will be much more pleasant, and that even when you have to deliver bad news, you’ll find you that can do so with much more tact.

The last point I’d like to make about Venus in Gemini overall, is that the number 2  itself may play a role in making your relationships, both personal and business, and your ability to earn money, especially strong.  So you should look for salaries that have a lot of 2s in them, prices, and also love interests who may live at house #222.  You might be surprised at how often that does happen for you.

How Venus In Gemini Affects Health 

Venus is a planet that loves great health for two big reasons – 1) Healthy people are always going to be more attractive and Venus loves beauty, and 2) Healthy people are more productive and can make more money, which Venus also loves.

You need to be sure to look at both sides of any health issue you may have this month. Gemini is represented by The Twins, and that tends to make most matters have two sides, or, be doubled, depending on your situation.

For example, if you have been experiencing headaches, you may need to look at what you’re breathing in every day (Gemini is an Air Sign) and see if there may be an allergy issue. That allergy could also turn out to be the reason you’ve got a rash on your arms, which doubled the problem.

Pay special attention to your throat, which is ruled by Gemini. Use good-tasting mouthwashes and breath-fresheners to make Venus’ love of pleasant taste work in your favor.

Venus in Gemini influences your voice itself, not just what you say. If you have  trouble with your speech in any way, (stuttering, pronunciation, etc.) then you would be the one who finds a pleasant solution to your problem – or two solutions more than likely –  that do the job.

Hands and fingers are an extension of Gemini’s body areas, and so you should perform exercise that depends on your hands such as rock climbing, tennis, golf, and weight training.

And with Gemini’s love of being up in the air, if you’ve ever wanted to try hang-gliding – your Natal Venus In Gemini is probably the reason why!

How Venus In Gemini Affects Beauty

You have the stars in your favor to have beautiful hands. Use cuticle oils daily; give yourself hand massages while watching TV (great for Gemini’s who love doing two things at once), and use yellow-toned (warm) nail colors.

Applying products that require self-massage, such as scrubs, oils, serums and anti-cellulite treatments, should be especially easy for you, and the results could be spectacular.

Likewise makeup application is something you should experiment with, with the same going for new hairstyles you do at home.

Fashion could be super-fun, as Gemini’s love multi-colored things of all kinds, including clothing. Try wearing bright Summer prints all year round that include lots of yellow and green.

You may also find that by wearing a whole new combination of colors and even mixing styles, such as shorts with dress shoes, that you attract the attention of the opposite sex. Expect compliments and possibly even invitations to come your way out of the blue when you combine styles.

How Venus In  Gemini Affects Spirituality 

Geminis, by nature, are not openly spiritual people, however with Venus in Gemini you could find that you are talking a lot about how you feel, including how you feel about your religious/spiritual beliefs.

Additionally, Geminis adore learning, and so you may find that you’re drawn to books about positive thinking, self-improvement, and even beliefs other than your own.

Always focusing on the positive side of things, Geminis enjoy laughing and joke-telling very much, and this is sure to raise not only your own spirits, but the spirits of everyone you meet.

Special Note About Mercury

With Gemini’s tendency to talk and take action at once,  you can sometimes make mistakes without realizing it.  Slow down.  Don’t accept too many invitations and be sorry later.  Be sure that you get the guy’s (or the girl’s) name right!

Finally, this can be an awesome placement, but especially if you have your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or rising sign in Gemini. If you do, all matters concerning love and money should go especially well and you’ll find that you look good without any muss or fuss.

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