Weekly Tarot Card For August 7 Through August 13 2017

“Piping down the valleys wild / Piping songs of pleasant glee”  From the message banner on the card.  

This week’s card is from the William Blake Tarot, and it’s called The Child Of Music.  Corresponding to the RWS Page Of Cups, this little fellow, in this deck, is quite complicated and surely has more going on than what it seems.

Remembering that last week I pulled The Lovers, following it with the Child Of Music is a beautiful sign! This card brings declarations of love, even though they may be a bit awkwardly done and perhaps even disguised as something else altogether.

In the image the child is wearing a wolf’s skin and so he’s appropriately nicknamed “a sheep in wolf’s clothing“.  And so the air of deception comes in – but it’s not a bad air at all.  In fact, what’s happening is that the child, or page, is putting up some kind of a big front.  He’s acting rough and tough, even going so far as to be verbally aggressive, but, beneath it all beats the heart of true love.  Sigh.  Yes, it’s  in there.

What A Page In Tarot  Does      


He/she brings messages.  That’s the page’s main role in any reading.

However, in a one card reading such as this, it  means that a single conversation, or perhaps even a single sentence spoken, will be enough to make serious changes to your life.  And in the case of the Child Of Music, that change will relate to love and romance.

How to Use This Energy 

First, let me say that the Child Of Music could apply to you yourself, and if so, you need to look at why you’re acting all big and bad, huffing and puffing all over the place, when what you really want to do is tell that special someone that you love them to no end.

Next, if this is not you, if it’s someone doing this to you, then you also need to look at why they are acting like they don’t need you, but, you also need to talk to them about it.

Communication is crucial this week, so you also need to be very sure that you don’t miss the message when it comes to you.  The Child Of Music doesn’t only disguise his true emotions, but, he can also be rather shy about the manner in which he approaches his intended.  Never obvious and surely lacking in confidence, the Child Of Music may in fact express his love disguised in a song, poem, or story he tells.

Have a wonderful week!




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  1. chella says:

    THANK YOU this is very true for me!


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