The Moon

The Moon – Major Arcana XVIII Meaning

Seeing a Major Arcana in your reading is always a sign of something bigger; something going on that you can’t miss. The card itself though, The Moon, is not usually one that you can easily understand and even though what you’re asking about could be life-changing, the way forward is not going to be clear just yet.

With The Moon there is a strong sense of uncertainty in our life, and very likely it is related to a single decision or happening. Drawing one Tarot card per day always points to a one of some kind – an event, message or important choice.

When we think of The Moon’s energy we should imagine a foggy day when visibility is short and we feel insecure about stepping in any direction when venturing out.

In addition to the lack of a visible trail, we may also be surrounded by some kind of deception, be it from a person, a group, or, even within ourselves.

The Moon corresponds to the astrological sign of Cancer, so the fourth house of home, family and personal property is brought into the fore. Our sense of security from both a financial and emotional standpoint may be shaky, and we may feel more of a need to reach out for support than we normally feel.

Note that I do not follow “the book” definitions for Tarot Cards.  I am an intuitive reader.  

Air Of Deception     

This is an especially important point to talk about when we see The Moon in a Tarot reading.


If you’re using a single card reading, there is no such thing as a helpful or problematic placement. Therefore we must consider both the harmonious and the challenging aspects of any card pulled.

Much like the moon in the sky, The Moon in Tarot can bring something that hides behind something else, like clouds passing over the moon. There may be something that looks fantastic, or vice versa, but when you scratch the surface you find that the opposite is true.

And by all means, scratch that surface. Look. Ask. Listen. Think. Don’t make any decisions you don’t have to make on this day.

Spiritual Messages

Having the moon in front of you gives you a sense of living in a kind of dream where you see things and have no idea what they mean. You can be easily confused, and easily deceived, with this kind of energy around.

You need to tap into your gut instincts and allow them to guide you as much as you can. But even when you feel certain, which is not as likely today, you should put off making any choices today that you don’t absolutely have to make.

The day you see The Moon card is not the best day to make decisions and that you may in fact feel unable to be certain of things enough to do so. That kind of spirit can be dampening, so you need to be more of an investigator than a trigger-puller at this time.

The good news about The Moon is that while you are feeling less than confident about your options; your hesitation will provide you with the time to look at them one by one and get to know them better.

It’s very possible that you have the best offer right in front of you and don’t see it for what it is. Wait until your heart, along with your eyes and ears, tell you what is best for your own happiness. And that should always be first on your list.

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