Say NO To The Crazy Diets

Connect with your inner common sense.  

You know what’s right for your body.  It probably won’t take hours of meditating to figure out what you should be eating.

But, sometimes we all get caught up in some kind of get-thin-quick scheme. In all the years (9 and counting) I’ve been writing online I have had so many, many women tell me that they have given in to some crazy diet program and regretted it later.

My work is always straightforward, puts a huge emphasis on enjoying what you eat, and gives you advice you can put to use 5 minutes from now – and keep in your life permanently.

Always be smart about what you eat.  

Instead of wasting time scouring the diet aisle at the local drugstore, take an hour of your time and examine what you eat on a regular basis, and start planning to make some changes you can live with. It really is that easy. My eBooks teach you how to ditch the crazy diets and still get the fit body you desire, simply click on the link below this post and get started.

Here are some examples of my advice –

Look at the whole picture.

Focusing only on total calories is not the way to go about changing your diet. Other yardsticks, such as content of total fat, sodium and sugars, must also be considered when planning healthy menus. Quality is the key here and opting for whole foods instead of prepared at least fifty percent of the time is a goal most women can meet without much difficulty.

Ban the crazy, nutsy, who-the-heck-came-up-with-this-one diets from your life FOREVER. 

They may work in the short-term, but almost any extreme diet is doomed to fail. So who are your best friends when it comes to leaning down — and staying that way? Choosing healthy foods and eating smaller portions, making slow but steady progress and maintaining a more fit body by practicing Yoga daily.

Be more active.

If there’s one best weight management and fitness mantra it’s “exercise, exercise, exercise.”

Choose activities you enjoy, create a Yoga practice you perform daily at home, and you’ll be sporting a toned physique before you know it.

Combine watching TV with exercise by using your phone/tablet while on the elliptical, treadmill, etc.  It’s what I do and it’s my #1 recommendation to any woman who wants to maintain a fit body.

Limit the sugary drinks.       

Author, Actress and Fitness Pro, Nancy Welker, gives you smart and easy options for what to eat!

Drinking soda, fruit flavored drinks, or juice that contains a high percentage of sweetener, can increase your daily calorie count in rather sneaky ways.

Those of us who drink soda or other sugary drinks several times per day are more likely to gain unhealthy weight than those who don’t, not to mention that too much sugar, especially refined sugar, in your system leads to health problems that go above and beyond skin breakouts.

Think about what and how much you’re eating.

Before you mindlessly reach for a snack, pause and ask yourself –“Am I really hungry?”Is there a healthier choice?” It’s easy to lose sight of good food choices in today’s ad-crazy world. Simple questions like these can help keep you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Spend less time watching television.

Watching less TV can give you more time to be active—and less time to be enticed by junk food ads. Two easy ways to cut back on TV-watching: take the TV out of your bedroom, and make sure it’s off during meals.

Follow realistic dietary metrics for preventing long-term weight gain.

Pay attention to the carbohydrate quality in your diet by eating less liquid sugars such as sodas, those syrupy-flavored coffees and other sweets, as well as fewer starches such as potatoes and pasta and refined grains such as white bread, white rice, and breakfast cereals that are low in fiber.

Focus on eating more minimally processed and whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and yogurt and fewer highly processed foods such as white breads, processed meats, sugary beverages and packaged mixes. Remember to opt for organically grown produce and packaged foods as much as possible.


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  1. cheryl says:

    I have NEVER had abs like yours….and I do workout!


  2. Tina says:

    Your abs should be on the cover of every fitness magazine on the the planet!!!


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