Weekly Tarot Reading September 5 to September 10 2017

King Of Swords 

This week I have a shorter time frame due to my schedule, so this is actually a five-day reading instead of a full week.

From today through the 10th, we may experience an increase in knowledge and skill, and our ability to communicate clearly will be very strong.  In addition to that, what we say will get attention and we may actually draw a crowd and gain the respect of others from our words.

Pulling The King Of Swords

He’s truly a double-edged personality kind of fellow, our king, and he can be both a friend and a foe – sometimes changing teams at the drop of a hat.  So one of the suggestions for this week is that if you find yourself dealing with such a person you remain calm and don’t fly off the handle (the King Of Swords hates that), or, if you find that you yourself are this king, you take it easy on others around you who may not be as well-informed as they should be.

Here are the main benefits our weekly tarot reading card, the King Of Swords: 

  • Swords relate to Air Signs in Astrology and so communication, intelligence and swift  movement of both mind and body are accentuated.
  • Swords love music and you may find yourself going out dancing for the first time in years or simply putting on music and dancing up a storm at home.
  • Education may be important to you this week and you may find that you ace that test you never thought you’d pass.
  • Dealings with higher-ups in the education, medical or legal field have a good chance of going well, IF you have all your information correct, are punctual and have a clear goal that you state upfront.
  • Anger will get you nowhere with an authority figure this week.  Rational thinking, stating facts and being completely fair will win the day.
  • Try to take the emotions out of any big decisions you make this week.  They won’t serve you well and you may find yourself irritated by them.
  • Legal matters may suddenly be of great importance to you.  If you have any questions or concerns surrounding your rights contact an attorney immediately.
  • Travel plans may come out of the blue.  You may not be happy about the timing, but, might be glad for the opportunity.
  • If you’re an Air Sign yourself, this could be “your week”.  Decisions you make could be spot on for you, and you may find that you are on the winning side of any legal or official battles.
Personal Tarot Readings By Nancy Welker



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