Venus In Virgo – Look For The Best

Attention Virgo!

This is your time to shine in both romantic and financial matters – and since it only comes once per year, you should take advantage of this great placement.

Of course, that includes Virgo rising and Venus in Virgo in your Natal Chart as well.

Do you need to be a Virgo? 

No, not at all, (but it’s a fantastic plus!) everyone can cash in on the benefits of Venus being in an Earth sign and focusing on the characteristics of that said sign.

In the case of Virgo, which rules the Astrological 6th House of daily routines, health, hygiene, organization and service to others, Venus giving her blessing can bring about significant changes to our day to day lives.

Add to all of this Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, which makes communication easier and better understood, and we can all rock it when it comes to anything from sharpening our resume to making presentations to booking flights.  How nice is that?

How Venus In Virgo Can Benefit   

  • Look at your daily schedule and see where you can  make improvements.  Write it down. That can be digitally or go old school and use pencil and paper.
  • Start a fitness program or update the one you have in place.  Virgo loves exercise.
  • Write out a menu for making home cooked meals X number of times per week.  Be realistic. Keep it simple, healthy and delicious.
  • Ask for a promotion, a review or a special work assignment you may have been wanting for some time.
  • Get out that business plan  you’ve been wanting to implement and put it to work. Keep your eye on the money and the time you need to invest in it, and you’re likely to come out a winner.
  • Give your home and/or work space a thorough cleaning.  Hire a service to get the big chores done, and set aside time in your week to maintain that new level of cleanliness.
  • Get your kids into the spirit of things (especially if any of them are Virgo or Gemini) and have them write out a school, homework and activity schedule on a chalkboard.  Give them colored chalk and encourage them to get creative.  Venus loves all things beautiful!
  • Pick at least one unhealthy habit you have and put it in your crosshairs.  Virgo brings mental strength and that will assist you in hitting your target.
  • Try a new sport that involves using speed (Virgo is an air sign), aim, strategy and patience. Archery is great.  Billiards is also great.  Skydiving isn’t for everyone but if you’ve ever considered it now may be the perfect time.
  • Since Fall is in the air, and Virgo’s colors are Earthy ones such as olive green, tan and ochre, buy clothing, shoes and accessories that are one of those colors. Note the colors of the corset and cloak in the image to the left.  They’re perfect for Venus in  Virgo.
  • If you’d like to add highlights to your hair, choose caramel or even coppery gold.  The same applies to makeup shades you may want to consider.
  • Book a spa treatment package that gives you head to toe pampering.  Spend the day there and have them bring in a gourmet lunch that includes a glass of wine.
  • When it comes to love, Virgo wants tangible results, and so you’ll be best to screen potential dates first before you feel as though you’ve wasted an evening.  For those in relationships, this is the time to do something practical such as start a business together or work on a home project.
  • Be sure to look for the best in all situations, rather than dwelling on the problems. Virgo is analytical and rather particular.  Used in a positive way that can be an asset.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina says:

    Love the color suggestions! That image, by the way dear Nancy, looks more like you than the others and they all bore some resemblance. See what I mean? You just need to break down and buy all kinds of costumes and pose for your own photos LOL….you have the stuff is what I’m saying! XOXO


  2. Linda says:

    Great post!


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