Weekly Tarot Reading September 17 to September 24 2017

Death – Major Arcana XIII

Okay,  don’t panic.  This isn’t a bad omen.  In fact, it’s a very good one.

We are continuing to see strong cards.  Three weeks ago it was the King of Swords, last week the King of Cups, and now Death.  Anyone out there in a love triangle that includes an Air Sign and a Water Sign perhaps?  If so, that is one thing that could be coming to a head this week.

What Death Means

The full name of this card is actually Death And Rebirth and that says it all right there.  It’s not about losing anything, well, nothing that was of use to anymore anyway, it’s more about completely changing a part of your life (perhaps all of it at times) that was long overdue to be changed.

While that change is a positive one and surely needed, it may not be easy and will likely come with a few setbacks along the way.  But not to fear, because when you have Death on your side – you may find that you can transform almost anything you’d like.

Death Card Associations 

In Astrology, Death relates to the planet Pluto and the sign of Scorpio.  And so the 8th house of death and transformation come into the picture this week.

In Numerology, Death’s number 13 adds up to a 4 (1+3), which relates to stability and finding your comfort zone.

How To Use The Death Tarot Card 

The first thing is to avoid putting off the inevitable.  This is a Major Arcana card and so it’s very likely that you cannot block it from affecting your life in some way, shape or form.  You’re always in control, however, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the signs around you.  Let me explain….

  • It’s possible that there is a situation in your life that needs to end so that you can move on to greener pastures.  You already know what that is – Death does not usually bring sudden catastrophe.
  • Ignoring the problem will not make it go away, and in fact, the nagging feeling that you must initiate or finalize a change will only get stronger the longer you wait.
  • Don’t allow mourning over “what went wrong” or trying to figure out how things progressed to this point to get you in a funk.  That won’t help.  And, when you put the past where it belongs and direct your attention to what’s new on the horizon life will get so much sweeter.
  • Fear of change is usually the worst part of it, and when you manage that fear you will see the way ahead much more clearly.
  • In work or business situations, Death can be the equivalent of letting out a breath you may feel as though you’ve been holding.  Having to let go an employee or leave a job can be upsetting emotionally, however, once it’s done, you can be more productive and have a more positive outlook at work.
  • In personal relationships, Death can spell the end of what ended up as a  sad time of quarrels, suspicion and even unfaithfulness.  You may well dread the conversation that must take place, but, again, once you’ve said what you must say, you can look forward to a more peaceful existence.
  • In health situations, Death can bring the visible results you’ve been waiting to see – such as weight loss, the disappearance of skin problems, and other medical issues that required something to “vanish” or “die” for you to become well again.

Enjoy this time, everyone.  Life is all about making choices that lead to change!  









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  1. chella says:

    Actually looking forward to this. Need a couple of things to change in my life.


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