Eight Of Cups

Associated With Lunar Cycles 

Cups as a suit relate to Water Signs in Astrology, and so they are many times  indicators of how you can best use a New Moon or a Full Moon to your best advantage.

The Eight Of Cups can be an indication that it’s time to bring about a fresh start or to end something that has seen its day, making it an ideal card to see in a tarot reading around either lunar cycle.

Eight Of Cups Meaning

This is a time when you must make a hard decision about something or possibly someone in your life that just isn’t making you happy any longer.

The catch with the Eight Of Cups is that you are looking at a situation that was once very positive and full of great possibilities. But that time has passed, and for many different reasons, you must pack up your things – literally or figuratively – and leave it behind.


Emotional Health Emphasis

There are habits you have formed that are not working well for you at this point.  You may have been leaning on a certain person or situation that used to be a great source of emotional support, but, you’ve either grown to the point of no longer needing that support, or, the support is no longer available.

The Eight Of Cups can speak of the aftermath of a breakup, or, of the adult child who has moved out of his/her parent’s home.  There are going to be times of doubt, insecurity and of wondering if you’ll ever find that kind of happiness again.  Know that this is normal and that everyone who makes a major change in lifestyle or location experiences the same kind of worry.

The Eight Of Cups is telling you that you must leave something behind, no matter what you felt in the past. The stand of beautiful cups the person sees in the image on the card to the left, is not real, and as it goes with the Suit Of Cups itself, instead relates to the memory of what used to exist.

Note that what you are leaving behind could be an addiction to alcohol or drugs, which also comes with the Suit Of Cups.

Motivational Message From The Eight Of Cups

Stay confident and take it one step at a time. Don’t expect too much of yourself too soon.

Take the positive from your past situation with you – and say adios to the rest.  Don’t allow shadows of what-could’ve-been to haunt you.

Pray and/or meditate for guidance from God and Heaven to show you your next step.  When you realize what that is – take it and don’t look back.

Focus on the bright and successful future you want.  Write down – old school style with pen and paper – all the things you see in your happy future.

Adopt the attitude that “you don’t need to see it all right now” and instead keep that image of what you  want to accomplish in mind.   You can reach the end of the rainbow and find your pot of gold.  Believe it.

Get a good combination of exercise and rest every single day, eat healthy food, and get outdoors in the fresh air as much as you possibly can.

Now is the time to look at your appearance as well, and add something cool, trendy, or colorful to what you normally wear.  It’s also a time to completely scrap your usual style and go for something totally different.  FYI this is the water sign Scorpio at work, in particular, as it relates to a big change in your life inside and out, and, also relates to the number eight.

Beginning with book #2, “Connie and Richard”, tarot cards are used by my characters throughout the remainder of my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series.  




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cat says:

    This couldn’t be more appropriate for me. Thank you for the encouragement!


  2. Angela says:

    This full moon caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect it but I’m thinking all kinds of new things right now . What I thought was forever I don’t even want to be anymore. You’re on target with the 8 of cups.


  3. Kelly-J says:

    It’s a hard week for me. I have had to face some failures for lack of a better word. I’ve learned that’s true but they are still hard. I know the sun’s gonna come back out. And that’s where I’m headed now. Your words ring true for me and thank you for the advice.


  4. Linda says:

    I never followed the moon cycles before but have to say that they are far more important than I ever thought. Your work has once again motivated me and inspired me. I wish you so much good fortune, sweetie!!!


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