Jupiter In Scorpio 10-10-10

What a day! 

Numerology For 10-10-10

For numerologists everywhere, this date itself is very special and it comes only when the 4 numbers of our year equal 10.

The date of 10-10-10 is particularly rare as it can relate to both endings and beginnings in our life.  The number 10 can breakdown to a 1 when the zero is dropped, so depending on how you choose to look at it, this date can spell things wrapping up or amping up – and the beauty of it is that the choice is yours.

Keep in mind that for every beginning there is an ending, and vice versa, so it goes that by heading down one path there is another path that will remain untouched in your life, or, will never be touched again perhaps.  It’s exciting no matter how you look at it or what your circumstances may be!


Jupiter In Scorpio Benefits 

There are so many here that I could not list them all. Yea. It’s that good.  So, to keep the list as short as possible, and not have you reading for days, I’ll highlight the most important benefits of the planet Jupiter in Scorpio:

  • Pluto is brought into the picture by way of its rulership of Scorpio.  That’s not big. It’s ginormous. Jupiter expands everything it touches, and Pluto is the big power player in the zodiac.  Put the two together and you’ve got a Dream Team when it comes to strength of body, mind and soul.
  • Scorpio by nature wants to dig and find out facts.  You’ll have a heightened ability to do this in the coming 12 or 13 months.  Even when you don’t like what you learn, it’s still going to prove to be beneficial with Jupiter (the planet of good luck) in the picture.
  • Your sex life is likely to take a turn for the better.  You’ll discover a deeper connection with your lover, or, you’ll find that one you’ve always dreamed of having.  Be prepared to do a lot of traveling to accomplish this, and, if you’re looking for a new special someone, you may also find your love in a part of world you’ve never visited before.  Lovely!
  • Emotions will run high, and there can be a spirit of judgementalism and vengefulness in you or those around you that you’ve never seen before.  How is that good?  Jupiter is the Great Beneficent and will help guide you to the best way to act and speak that instills confidence in others.  See what I mean about this being a powerfully great year?
  • Money can be made by investing in others by way of the stock market, investment funds that are trade-based (especially worldwide trade), and by investing your time and money in a business owned by a family member or friend.  You may also find that your spouse’s earnings increases this year as well.
  • You will have at least one big, huge, opportunity to learn how to tap into your own spiritual power.  Watch for those opportunities and don’t hesitate to use them.
  • Don’t be surprised if people from other areas of your own country, other countries of the world, other faiths, and of different belief systems are attracted to you – and also bring you money-earning opportunities.

I have given you a list of what I see as the most important aspects of Jupiter in Scorpio, but, of course there are many others.  What you need to do is look at your Personal Natal Chart and find where you have Scorpio, in what Astrological House it sits, and that will give you a more personalized approach to making the most out of this amazing planetary change.

Happy “Jupiter New Year”!







3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yolanda says:

    There’s so much here to ponder. Scorpio is so deep. Thank you for helping me figure it out!


  2. Tully says:

    I have Jupiter in Scorpio so this is a fantastic time for me. Your video really hit home as well. I watched my Aries, Cancer and Virgo sun, moon and rising and they all made me feel like you were talking to me personally.


  3. Tina says:

    I love this blog post. I know so little about where the planets are on any given day but I’m learning more thanks to you!


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