Venus In Libra

Pleasure Is In

When Venus, the planet of love, wealth and beauty, comes home to the sign of Libra, it’s a truly special event.

This is the time to book spa appointments – all day-ers if you can – and make both yourself and your environment beautiful to behold.

Keeping Your Balance

Libra wants nothing more than harmony in this life and that is an area you need to pay special attention to at this time.

It’s interesting that the scales represent the sign of Libra, because Venus, Libra’s ruling planet, wants nothing more than, well, MORE.

You need to keep an eye on spending and that includes lavish gifts for loved ones and perhaps even some early Christmas shopping sprees.

In addition to watching your money, you also need to be sure that what you buy right now is as perfectly coordinated as possible. That applies to clothing, and the décor at home and the office.

Falling In Love With Love

Beware here. Venus loves the splendor of falling in love, but, with Libra’s 7th house of partnerships being in the picture, there is the danger of not being able to resist another offer.

I always think of the Libra woman as having this constant discussion with herself: “Yes, I love Harry.” “But on the other hand I don’t.” “And, there’s also Mike….”

This is Libra’s downfall. It causes a girl to have one heckuva time making up her mind.

Business Partners

This is an ideal time to form a new business partnership, make the one you have much more pleasant, or, to start a project that requires another set of hands.

Libra is an Air Sign, and that brings in a true love of the written and spoken word, learning, teaching, and keeping things very lively.

Any business matters that relate to communication, legal matters, especially contracts, negotiations, and sometimes extending the olive branch, can all go wonderfully well.

Your Good Looks

Here is where Venus in Libra really shines. Libras are natural-born lovers of beauty and this is the perfect time for you to take a good, nicely honest, look at yourself and make some positive changes.

Blues and blue-greens should be your colors of choice, and coordinating prints in those same colors should look especially well on you.

When it comes to hairstyle, the odds are that you’re going to lean more towards longer styles, and possibly add more feminine touches such as flowers, pretty barrettes and headbands.

Your Good Health  


Beauty comes from within yourself, and so you should also pay attention to how you’re taking care of the body you’ve been blessed with.

Since Libras love partners, finding activities that include another person are ideal right now.

Dancing probably tops the list, as it not only includes music, which Air Signs love, but there is so much gracefulness to it that Libra will especially enjoy.

Libra rules the lower abdominal and upper hip area, which makes it the ideal time to work on those areas of your body.

Once again, find ways to include as much of the color blue in your life as you can, even while you’re getting exercise.

Blue makes a person feel calm and promotes harmony. It’s also a feel-good color that can give your spirits a lift when you’re feeling stressed. Libra loves that.

How Venus In Libra Affects You By Your Rising Sign

You need to have an accurate personal natal chart handy. Your rising sign can tell you what house is most likely to be affected and what area of life you should focus on during this time.

  • Libra Rising – 1st House of you, your talent, your personality and your leadership skills.
  • Scorpio Rising – 12th House of what’s hidden in your life, pure love, glamour and all kinds of disguises, including costumes
  • Sagittarius Rising – 11th House of social organizations, including the Internet, and your fondest hopes and dreams
  • Capricorn Rising – 10th House of career, social status, and ambition. Teaching can be part of this as well, especially the lessons you need to learn in order to succeed.
  • Aquarius Rising – 9th House of international matters, higher education, religion and languages. Teaching can be part of this house as well, but it’s pleasant and rewarding.
  • Pisces Rising – 8th House of sex, regeneration, death and, yes, taxes. Digging into the past or simply digging for facts is found in the 8th house.
  • Aries Rising – 7th House of partnerships, legal matters, harmony and balance.
  • Taurus Rising – 6th House of daily habits, work ethic, volunteerism and keen analytical skill
  • Gemini Rising – 5th House of love, children, creativity and performing arts. Being the center of attention applies here.
  • Cancer Rising – 4th House of home, family, your roots and the property you own. Decorating, home entertaining and moving back to your hometown are part of this house.
  • Leo Rising – 3rd House of communication, local travel, siblings and acting. It also includes thinking and planning.
  • Virgo Rising – 2nd House of money you earn, your values and what you own. This can encompass everything that matters to you in life, but especially of a material nature.

Enjoy this time!


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  1. Very knowledgeable and well written. Thank you.


  2. Lucille says:

    Spot on, Nancy, as usual.


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