Weekly Tarot For Air Signs Earth Signs Fire Signs Water Signs 11/6/17 to 11/12/17 11:11

What a HUGE week ahead of us!  

This week I separated my reading into four groups that represent the astrological elements of air, earth, fire and water.  So far, the feedback I am getting from my viewers is very positive – so I hope that you find my video enjoyable and helpful as well.

Additionally, I included advice about how you can best use the magnificent numerological event of 11:11 which happens this coming Friday.  This time, we are seeing 11:11 even stronger, as it’s happening in a 1 year. So, it’s technically 11:11:1 – which makes it very special.

The number eleven itself, when written out as 11, shows a natural space between two walls, or doors as I call them, that a person can walk through.  This makes it a symbol of a new start, or perhaps a new life entirely, that we can potentially make for ourselves.

When we see 11:11, or eleven twice, that makes it all the more powerful and changes it from what would normally be a red flare in the sky to a magnificent explosion of fireworks.  Yea. It’s that good!

Be sure to watch the first few minutes of the video to see the 3 cards that fell while shuffling – I included them in the entire reading.

Thank you all – have a wonderful week!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Excellent! Love it that you broke it up into the elements!


  2. Right on target for Water.


  3. chella says:

    Thank you! I listened to the whole video and it was fantastic!


  4. Nina says:

    Geez….it’s like you’re talking right to me! Earth is especially great!


  5. Tina says:

    I found this to be so spot on. Fire element was so good it gave me chills


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