Jupiter In Scorpio Outs Sex Offenders

In the news almost every day.  

So many brave women and men have stepped forward and brought sexual harassment and sexual assault out into the open, that it’s nearly an every day news headline.

I think it’s a damn shame, too.  There’s nothing worse, in my opinion than a person who abuses their position of authority, or even beyond that, their position of trust, and takes advantage of another human being.  Having so much Scorpio in my Natal Chart I feel nothing but disgust for the individuals who commit such acts and have no problem whatsoever reading about their fall from their (formerly) lofty position.

Astrology agrees with me.  

Especially right now, it surely does.  With Jupiter in Scorpio until November, 2018, we can all expect to see, hear and read much more about the evil deeds done in the shadows by reproachable persons.  (no, I don’t give them much of a break)

Why does Scorpio do this?  Because that’s the job of this mega-powerful sign.  Indeed, Scorpio is the most powerful of all the Zodiac signs and it is widely feared for its ability to see right through to the core of an issue, discover the worst of actions, and then hold that discovery up for all the world to see.  If that weren’t enough, Scorpio also demands that the source of the nasty actions be completely and utterly destroyed.  That’s how Scorpio, and its ruling planet, Pluto, serve The Universe at large.

Placing Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio means that all of the above is amplified to a high level, and, that that level will go as high as it needs to in order to see justice be done.  Roughly translated – the next 11 months could spell the word h-e-l-l for those who have committed crimes behind closed doors.

One special thing about Scorpio.  

The sign of Scorpio relates to the 8th house in Astrology.  That in turn relates to sex, death, transformation, shared resources and, well, cemeteries.  I think we are seeing nowadays that a “grave” can be more than one thing – as in a person digging their own grave with respect to their careers, finances and most definitely to what was their good name.

Why the film industry got hit. 

Well, first of all, the people in front of and/or behind the cameras are already living in the public eye, and that can turn their lives into open books.  Which actually makes the sex offenders not very smart or simply so full of themselves that they believe they will never get caught.

Secondly, celebrities have, in too many cases, been seen as “untouchable” or “above such things” when it comes to sex crimes.  I am certain that I can speak for every single victim when I say that our society has reached the point of not turning the cheek any longer.

The music industry is next.  

I said just that a few weeks ago, and now it is happening.  It seems to me that once a musician is outed as a sex offender of some type, that many, many more will follow.

It stands to reason.  The whole “sex, drugs and rock n’roll” theme can apply to any other genre as well – jazz, rap, classical and country.  You name the music and it’s likely a given that there are sexual predators to be found in it.

How it all works out.  

The world is changing rapidly.  Of course it is.  Jupiter in Scorpio is taking transformation very seriously and there’s more than enough power in the sky to take down anyone, anywhere, and at any level of success.

But it’s not being done just to shame the bastards, though that is pretty cool to see, I have to admit, there is also a spirit of deep change that requires us all to look at our actions, including making nasty jokes at someone else’s expense, and put a stop to them.

Bringing the sex offenders out into the spotlight, instead of allowing the cover-ups to continue, will cause the entire world to take a softer approach, treat each other with more respect, and never, ever, under any circumstances, let a person in power use us for their own sick purposes.

Metropolitan Opera Suspends James Levine


3 Comments Add yours

  1. This is so true! I wondered why all those a–holes were being outed. No wonder!


  2. chella says:

    Agree! The monsters should be made to admit their deeds publicly! Scorpio will surely get them good!


  3. Lucille says:

    For sure. This is what we’re seeing in the news every day. Some big name celeb gets hit with the truth!


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