Are You Ready For The Capricorn Party In The Sky?


We have all been living with the mega-powerful Pluto taking up residence in the sign of Capricorn for some time now, but in 2017, we have other planets joining Pluto to make one heckuva Capricorn Party!

Who is coming to the party?  

Saturn has come home to roost in Capricorn (the sign it rules) and will be there until 2020.  Saturn is the planet of restriction, basically saying “no” to anything and everything in your life that isn’t 100% right and correct.  Sounds good?  Not always!

Saturn will be very powerful –  not to mention stubborn – in its own sign and we will find ourselves not only being critical of others and their actions but of ourselves as well.  For those reasons the next two years could see some important changes and shifts in our lives when it comes to relationships.

Venus moved into Capricorn on December 25th and brings a very serious tone to our attitude towards money and love.  We want the best and expect others to do their jobs!

The Sun itself will be in the sign of Capricorn until the end of January, tying it all together and giving an enormous boost to the total energy.

This is h-u-g-e!

It’s a rare thing to have four planets in the same sign and when they are in Capricorn it is especially important as this is a Cardinal sign and quite powerful on its own.

Expect to continue to see harsh criticism of big corporations, large organizations of any kind and government officials as well.  With Pluto in this mix is means that there will continue to be nasty secrets exposed and those who deserve it will be brought to justice.

On the bright side

Business itself will flourish and it’s an ideal time to strike out on your own or push for that promotion that’s long overdue.

Purchasing property, traveling and indulging in fine wine and other luxuries will be more the norm than ever.  Don’t be surprised if we see a surge in formality and possibly even drop the whole idea of casual-business dress.

While I’m on the subject of fashion, right now with Venus herself in Capricorn, we will be more successful and much more well-received if we add more classic touches to our attire.  The trendy outfits can wait until Venus moves into Aquarius – when it will be the thing to do!


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nina says:

    Heck yes I am!


  2. chella says:

    Look at that gorgeous face! Who wouldn’t follow your advice???


  3. Yolanda says:

    I’m loving Venus in Capricorn!!!


  4. Cat says:

    I think we can all use some stable energy after the Saturn in Sag thing. I personally hated it!


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