Welcome To 2018 – The Year Of JUSTICE

Numerology meets the Tarot. 

As always, there is a correspondence between the Tarot cards and numerology as well as astrology.  In this blog post, I’m mostly talking about the numerological connection.

The  numbers 2+0+1+8 = 11 and so it’s forming a relationship to the Major Arcana Card #11, which is Justice.  Let me give you just a bit of info here:  sometimes the Justice card shows up in a Tarot deck as #8, which is usually the Strength card, and Strength assumes the number #11 placement.  I personally disagree with that order of the Majors, and prefer not to use those decks.  Now, on with my post.

How Justice may be seen in 2018. 

The obvious way is that legal matters of all kinds, large and small, can and should be brought out into the open and resolved.  This is surely the year to do it.

Another way is that we, as a planet, will see an upswing in the number of people waving their fists in the air and shouting “I want justice!”.  And, for those who are truthful and were indeed wronged, they are likely to get it.

On the flip side to the above is that those who may be seeking fame and fortune at the expense of another will also be more likely to fall flat on their faces.

It started in 2017.   

Justice Major Arcana Card
Linestrider Tarot by
Siolo Thompson
this is a deck I own

You may remember reading about the numerous charges being filed against famous men (mainly men that is) from those who brought out assault and harassment incidents.  In astrology that was mostly attributed to Jupiter’s movement into Scorpio, which is all about digging up nasty facts, however there was more at work than just that.

Add up 2+0+1+7 and you get 10.  That brought in the #10 Major Arcana Card, The Wheel Of Fortune.  Remembering that the wheel is always turning, the articles about those charges became more and more frequent as the year wore on, due in part to the fact that wheel was turning against those who had done wrong.  Big time.

The turning of the wheel paved the way for this year and what can indeed be a glorious time when justice prevails.

Bringing it home.  

This great time of fairness and rational decisions doesn’t only bring justice to celebrities, politicians or big corporations, it also will be seen in our day to day lives.

Ways that you can use the year 2018 to your advantage:

Tie up any legal loose ends that may be around you.  This can relate to divorce, child custody, sale contracts and business contracts, as well as banking and tax issues.

Be especially careful to do the right thing.  You know the phrase that says a truly honest person doesn’t care who’s looking?  Keep that in mind and you may find that you come into a windfall large or small by year’s end.

Negotiations can go very well and problems can be resolved.  It’s always best to try to mend your fences on your own first, however, if you and your loved one (s) can’t seem to come to friendlier terms,  this is a great year to hire a family counselor, arbitrator or seek out the help of your priest, minister, rabbi or respected holy person.  The advice you receive could prove to be life-changing.

Don’t give up on seeing justice done.  If you’ve got an ongoing legal battle over money, property or other material matters, this is the year to take things to the next step and perhaps hire new legal counsel if necessary.  Like the family counselors I mentioned above, legal minds will be especially sharp this year and their methods could bring about the results you want.

One last thing. 

We have not seen the last of the shocking articles about famous persons, that’s something I would say is almost a guarantee.  And it doesn’t matter if that person is CEO of a Fortune 500 company, an A-List actor or a singer on a stage,   there will no exceptions to the rule when it comes to people seeking out, and getting, justice.

Have a blessed New Year everyone, 


Tarot & Astrology by Nancy Welker on YouTube 





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  1. I am very, very ready for justice in my life!


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