Mercury In Aquarius

I know.  There’s also a Blue Moon.  

Today marks more than one important event in the world of Astrology, since we have a Full Moon (Blue Moon) in Leo at 11 degrees, however, I know that many astrologers have written extensively about that subject so I chose to talk about another event, the movement of Mercury, which may not be as spectacular but it is much longer lasting and has a huge effect on us all.

Mercury itself.  

The planet of communication, travel within one’s own country, and how we all think and learn, is in  my opinion, the most important of them all.  We are what we think.  And going with the concept that The Secret is correct and what we think about we bring about – the planet Mercury is one enormously powerful little planet.  Possibly the most powerful in the Zodiac.

Just saying the word “communication” is such a big, broad statement that I don’t think I could go into how much it covers in just one blog post.  Instead I’ll hit on the most important points that some of you may not have considered before

More than just chatter.    

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The way we communicate is surely not limited to the way we say “good morning” or even if we  choose to say it.  There’s a bigger force at work here, and I can sum it up in one word “opinions”.

We all have our own ideas about life, and they are the foundation upon which we build the life we want.  How we perceive others, ourselves, our environment, relationships, work, recreation, politics, all of it, comes under the heading of “opinions”.

You may now see why I believe that Mercury is the one planet we should pay very close attention to – because that could cause us to make excellent decisions and in turn change the entire course of our lives for the better.

Planning and ordering.  

Remember that Mercury rules two signs, Gemini and Virgo, and thus two houses, 3rd and 6th, respectively.  The 3rd is the house of communication. or as I call it “the mind house” and the 6th is the house of work, or as I call it “the time house”.

And so considering that the realm of opinions could be the most important one of all for human beings, Mercury rules still another part of life – what we do every day.  That’s enormous.  Beyond enormous.  It’s the stuff that life is made of for certain.

The 6th house also includes health, order and service to others, which when you stop and think about it, adding all of that to house #3 and communication, it’s a wonder how there could actually be 10 other houses in astrology!

Virgo is the ultimate planning energy.  And it’s also the ultimate ordering energy.  There is no task too small for Virgo, and since it’s a sign that wants to help and assist always, there’s no task too large either.  Mercury brings with it all of these marvelous aspects of life, so perhaps you are beginning to get the full impact of this planet’s place in what we become.

Mercury in Aquarius. 

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and is the sign of the rebel, the humanitarian, and is the sign of friendship that knows no bounds.  Associated with the 11th house of big organizations, the internet, the future and our biggest hopes and dreams, this is a lovely place for Mercury to come to visit!

Aquarius is also a fixed sign, meaning that once the idea is there for big change it is likely to stay put and you may find that you have the ability to see through daily tasks (remember the 6th house I talked about) with greater perseverance than ever, and so, your productivity could be very high during Mercury’s stay in this sign.

How to use Mercury in Aquarius.  

  • Dream big.  What is it that you truly want to change in your life?  Answer that question and begin to make plans to make it materialize. It’s not as easy as that, but you may find that your determination is so high now that you find ways and means you did  not believe existed.
  • Get out.  Mingle, mingle, mingle.  Talking with others in groups large and small will be especially advantageous right now.  You could find help reaching that big dream goal you have – and you may also feel inclined to help others reach their dream goals as well.
  • Connect with your inner guide.  Aquarius rules the future, and Aquarians are the seers and prophets of the Zodiac.  You could find yourself simply knowing when and how to change, fix or restore something in your life.  That can be anything from your home computer to your career.
  • Travel! As much as you possibly can, book those travel plans and see the places within your own borders that you may have wanted to see for a long time.  Carve out the vacation/business travel as much as you possibly can.Aquarius is an air sign, and interestingly enough it’s character is the water-bearer, so you can’t miss is if you decide to go by plane or boat.
  • Embrace change.  Make beneficial changes to your work and home schedules and make them permanent changes.  Think of it as “reforming” rather than simply “changing” and you will get a clearer idea of how to approach your planning.

Mercury moves into Aquarius on January 31 2018 and remains there until February 17 2018 – take advantage of it!




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  1. Lucille says:

    I actually do feel lighter and more positive in the last 24 hours. Interesting too I never thought the planets would make a big difference in life but they really do. You are so knowledgeable and I appreciate that you share it with us!


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