Vimeo On Demand Channel For Extended Tarot Readings

By request.  

I have received many requests from personal tarot clients, YouTube and Facebook followers, and here on WordPress, to create an affordable, extended tarot reading created per astrological sign.  In recent weeks, I have done that on Vimeo.

Down To Earth Tarot. 

That’s what I call my work on Vimeo, and it’s an accurate description of how I approach reading my cards.  I am an intuitive reader, and therefore many times I call the meanings of the cards “outside the box” of what could be considered tradition.

I’m also very realistic, while staying positive, about challenges, delays and other difficulties that the tarot illustrates.  This is part of life and can’t be ignored.  In fact, when we address the more problematic areas of life, we gain so much in the way of confidence, wisdom and find new paths to success.

Weekly and Monthly.  

That’s what I will be doing – both weekly and monthly tarot readings by sign.  They are available for purchase and download at $2.99 each or $20 for all 12 zodiac signs.

Click on the link and gain valuable insights about what may be unclear to you in your life!

“Looking to Heaven for answers about how to celebrate life on Earth!”

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